Getting Rid of Mice: A Monumental Problem


Getting Rid of Mice: A Monumental Problem

If you’re like many people, you absolutely hate mice! Getting rid of mice can really be a frustrating experience, especially if you have several of these little furry creatures running around. You’ll read all sorts of information about the different techniques used to get rid of mice. Some of them work, but some of them do not. The best way to rid a home of mice is to make the home as uninviting to them as possible.

Clean Your Home from Top to Bottom

This is the first step in getting rid of mice. Boxes or piles of clothes on the floor are an invitation to mice to call your house home. They love the small, little dark places in your home, such as cupboards, closets, and behind furniture. By keeping these areas as clean as possible, you’ll be able to limit many of the hiding places.

Do Not Leave Food Out

Mice are only out in the open when they are searching for food. Do not leave food out on the counters or table. Put all crackers, breads, and other grains in Ziploc plastic bags. Keep rice, pasta, and cereals in plastic containers. Wash your dishes as soon as possible after finishing a meal.

Mouse Traps, Poisons, and Sonic Repellants

For many people, the tried and true mouse trap works great. If you haven’t had much luck with these devices, try using peanut butter instead of cheese for the bait. The drawback with mice traps is the cleanup afterwards. It’s rather disgusting and full of germs and possible diseases. Mouse traps do nothing to keep the mice from returning to your home.

Poisons work well, but if you have children or pets, you really must use extreme caution about where you place it in you home. They can be deadly to your children or pets and it only takes a very small amount. In addition, you never know where the mouse that eats the poison will die. That can make for a very smelly situation in your home. Poisons do not keep mice from returning to your home, either

The newest development in getting rid of mice is the sonic repellants. These devices plug into the wall and use a high frequency to repel the mice from your home. Many of these repellants will also get rid of other nuisances too, such as roaches, ants, and spiders. These repellants work rather well and they do keep mice from returning to your home. Plus you don’t have a nasty mess to clean up and you don’t have to worry about having poison in your home.

Some Other Things to Consider

There are several websites that offer advice on how to [previous_page anchor=”get rid of mice”] You may find some interesting information here. However, one of the three above methods are probably more effective. If you’re ready to learn more about getting rid of mice, you can also speak to a pest control company. They may have access to solutions that you don’t have.

Getting Rid of Mice Tip #1

A mouse can enter your home through a hole that is only a half an inch wide. Go around the outside of your home and make sure you seal any openings. Check the space under and around your kitchen cupboards and seal any holes you may find. Making it difficult for the mice to get into your home is one of the best mice deterrents.

Getting Rid of Mice Tip #2

Make sure your children do not hide food in your room. It’s very common for little ones to do so, but it can spread the infestation quickly throughout your home. Explain why it’s so important for the food to say in the kitchen and dining areas.

Getting Rid of Mice Tip #3

Newspapers and other forms of paper provide a great source of nesting materials for mice. Getting rid of mice is much easier when you get rid of newspapers, magazines, paper bags, and other nesting materials.